Devour with Chef Mike Ward

If you have a tooth and nail passion for everything food related then join me on Devour, with Chef Mike Ward on SiriusXM, channel 167. Or listen right here by clicking on the show links below.  Raw, unfiltered conversation with the biggest, most provocative, evocative, celebrated, famous and infamous names in food. If they have any say on what goes on our plates I’ll be talking to them. 

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Episode 01 - Celebrity Chef Curtis StonE 

We talk the ups and downs of Instagram from a resto owners standpoint, Michelin stars, and the food craving he can't resist "that's packed on a few pounds lately" (his own words). Click below to listen.

EPISODE 02 - Bon APPETITE Editor-in-Chief Adam RAPoPORT 

Adam Rapoport, Editor-in-Chief of Bon Appetite magazine talks on how to avoid crappy dinner parties, lifestyle icon Martha Stewart & how the magazine approaches food photography. Click below to listen.

Episode 03 - Leanne Brown, Author of NYT best seller "Good & Cheap, Eat Well On $4 a Day"

Leanne Brown & I chat about how to create amazing food outta cheap ingredients, how celeb chef culture is creating unrealistic expectations and the 6 secrets that chefs don't talk about that you need to know. Click below to listen.