Arctic Char w White Beans & Thyme

It'll blow you mind at how much flavour you'll get from these 5 ingredients in this simple yet healthy Arctic Char recipe.

- Arctic char fillets
- White beans
- Lemon
- Thyme
- Garlic clove

*FISH COOKING TIP - Pat dry skin side of fish (dry skin makes for crispy skin). The key to cooking thin fillets is to cook them to 90% skin side down.

Fish: In a hot pan on high heat add a healthy splash of olive oil. Season both sides of the filet. Place Arctic Char in pan skin side down. With a spatula pressed down on the fish so it doesn't curl up. After a few seconds it’ll stay flat on its own. Turn heat to medium until the filet loses almost all it’s opaqueness, and then flip for the final 30 seconds to crisp the skin.

Beans: In a medium pan add olive oil, thinly sliced garlic, rinsed beans and fresh thyme. Heat up and toss until garlic has sweated (2/3 minutes). Squeeze liberally with lemon juice, salt/pepper and plate up. 

Cut a lemon and fry on a hot pan for a minute or 2 as the perfect garnish accent to this Arctic Char recipe. 

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Arctic Char Recipe w White Beans & Thyme