Double Cheese "Bliss" Burger

This no-apologies mouthwatering monster will both soothe & satiate your palate and soul.

- Ground Angus beef (don’t go too lean)
- Bun (or roll of choice)
- Brie or Camembert cheese
- Onion
- Mushrooms (No need to get fancy ones)
- Balsamic vinegar
- Soy sauce
- Ketchup
- Korean BBQ sauce (any BBQ sauce will do)

Pre-heat grill pan, BBQ or fry pan.

Form beef into 2 (approx.) 6oz patties, create a dent in the middle with your thumb so they don’t swell as they cook. Season liberally w salt/pepper. Grill patties to taste (I like my burgers medium).

In a fry pan, splash of olive oil, chopped onions & chopped mushrooms, salt. Fry until they colour & soften, add a splash of soy & balsamic, just enough to de-glaze the pan. Let reduce for another minute or 2 (until liquid thickens & almost disappears).

Toast bun lightly, add patty then cheese, then patty then cheese. Top w onion/mushroom & BBQ sauce/ketchup. Eat. Nap.

Chef Mike Ward's Double Cheese Burger Recipe