Grilled Spanish Chicken Thighs w Ripped Salad

This chin-drippingly moist affair will have you falling in love with thighs all over again. Throw in a 60 sec salad & you’re in business.

Feeds 4 with ease
- 6 skinned, deboned chicken thighs
- 1 tbspn of cumin
- 1 tbspn of paprika
- 1 half cup of finely chopped fresh thyme
- 3 cloves of finely chopped garlic
- 1 tspn of crushed chili flakes

- 2 bunches of parsley
- 1 bunch of mint
- Red onion
- Lemon
- Olive oil

Toss all your chicken ingredients into a zip lock bag, or bowl, stir & let marinate a minimum of 2 hours. 4 is great, overnight is heaven. Grill your thighs on a med/high heat grill pan, BBQ or regular pan with salt/pepper. Give them a good 4/5 mins per side. Thighs are hard to overcook so don’t stress. Let them rest for a 4/5 mins.

Meanwhile… hand tear up your herbs & thinly slice the red onion, toss in a bowl with the juice of your lemon & a good splash of olive oil (approx., 4 tbspns), salt/pepper.

I like to serve this with a side of half tahini & sriracha, or… your fav hot sauce mixed with mayo.

Grilled Spanish Chicken Thighs with Ripped Salad