St. Pat’s “Drunken” Kale Meat Pie

Takes 25 minutes.

It's called his "drunken pie" because it's so easy you can make it drunk. Btw the booze is optional (and it cooks off) so it's great for kids too.

* Set your oven to 450.

- 2 pds of ground beef or bison
- Bunch of Kale
- Cup of peas (frozen are great)
- 1 chopped onion
- 1 chopped carrot
- Clove of garlic
- 1 tspn of cumin
- Splash of ketchup
- 1 can of Guinness (or 2 cups of beef/chicken stock, or any darker beer)
- 1 bay leaf
- 2 tbspn of cornflour in a splash of cold water (optional)

In an oven proof pan add a splash of olive oil, carrots, onions, meat and cumin. Once browned off add beer (or stock) and ketchup. Let reduce for a 3/5 minutes then add cornflour. Let simmer very gently until mixture thickens a little.

Meanwhile… in a pot add a healthy whack of olive oil, finely sliced garlic, finely chopped kale and peas. Heat until wilted, add salt/pepper.

Top your meat filling with the kale and peas, slide into oven for 20 minutes with lid on. I love this dish served with a decent dollop of hot mustard next to it  (my fav is Maille spicy dijon), AND it tastes even BETTER the next day. 

Kale Meat Pie Recipe