Thai-Style Fish Tacos

Prep time around 10 mins.

This Thai Style Fish Tacos recipe can have you enjoying gorgeous, fresh flavours in 10 mins. Yeah baby!
Use any firm flesh fish
- cabbage
- red onion
- cilantro
- red chili
- Thai sweet chili sauce
- mayonnaise
- limes
- flatbread or tortilla (I used organic kamut flatbread)

Cut fish into small chunks and fry w salt-pepper. Finely chop cabbage & red onion. Finely chop red chili (to taste), green onions and tear up some cilantro. In a bowl add equal portions sweet chili sauce and mayonnaise - stir.

Loader' up, crack a beer, pretend it's summer and you're laughing.

For added flair, quickly grill half a lime (just enough to brown the surface) and serve with the fish tacos as a garnish. 


Thai-Style Fish Tacos Recipe