There's a lot to consider when thinking about non-stick pans. And there are a lot on the market, but in my opinion, and that of many professionals is the BEST non-stick fry pans on earth are from Italian folks at Ballarini. Here's just a few reasons;

  •  GRANITIUM non-stick coating is reinforced with ceramic particles for INCREDIBLE scratch resistance against all types of utensils. That's pan geek for "you've got to be consciously trying to scratch this pan to scratch it".
  •  The triple-layer, PFOA-free non-stick coating offers MIND-BLOWING quick release (that's tech talk for non-stick), it also sears incredibly well (rare for non-stick to do both well).  That also means less oil, in fact I often don't use any oil when cooking with this pan.
  • It works on all cooking surfaces, including induction
  • Completely dishwasher safe, although I normally clean mine with the single wipe of a paper towel.
  • Oven safe to 160c. And with the stainless steel handle you can use the pan to finish dishes under the broiler, a game changer for non-stick pans.
  • The gorgeous handle is riveted on, no irritating screws to come lose (like they have with every non stick pan in history - yea, you know what I'm talking about)

As with the other high quality brands on my site Ballarini is here because I personally use their cookware and have for years. I love my non-stick Ballarini, and I think you'd love them also.