Beef, Blueberries & Burnt Onions

The bright, bold freshness of blueberries dances beautifully with red meat. Toss over crispy charred onions and you got yourself a complete meal in every bite. Click for recipe. 

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    Beef, Blueberries & Burnt Onions by Chef Mike Ward

Steak & Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

The perfect mini roast dinner for 2 or 3. One pan and bursting with meaty rich goodness. An ideal portion for 2 adults or in my case, 2 hungry little girls and myself. Click for recipe.

Chinese Sticky Beef Short Ribs w Pomegranate

When your 9 year old says “Dad, this is the bestest think you’ve ever made” you know you’re onto something ok. Richer than Trump would have us think he is and not at all overly sweet. Click for the recipe.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes w Curried beef, mushrooms & sour cream

 There’s nothing pretentious about this little beauty. But my goodness is she jammed packed with huge heart warming heartiness. My kids think it tastes like nachos without the corn chips. Click for the recipe.

Orange & Ginger Beef

Mom would make a version of this when I was a kid. Boy did I LOVE it. I don’t remember her recipe but this is my take on it. It’s also only a 10 min marinade so you can get it all done in under 30 mins. Click for recipe. 

Curried Shepherd’s Pie w Smashed Potatoes

We all love this classic. But with a tad of curry powder and crispy crushed potatoes we're taking this baby next level. Click for the recipe.

Thai Style Beef Oatmeal

The dishes I adore the most are ALWAYS born of necessity; what’s in the kitchen?! This quirky culinary collision of cultures WORKS. Don’t believe me? Try it and tell me I’m wrong. Click for the recipe.

"Here's The Beef!"

Don't be scared. It's time you tasted what beef really tastes like. And trust me, it's far more subtle than you can imagine. Click for the recipe.

Surf N Turf Nachos

A flavour packed explosion combining the best of ocean and land. Delicious steak and shrimp nachos. Click for the recipe.

St. Pat’s “Drunken” Kale Meat Pie

Called "drunken pie" because it's so easy you can make it drunk. Booze is optional (& it cooks off) so it's great for kids. Click here for recipe.

Steak , Coleslaw & Honey Mustard Sliders

A super cute & ULTRA tasty version on the classic. The perfect mouthful of tender steak & coleslaw in a bite. Click for the recipe.

One-Pot Wonder Dinner

Toss your favourite ground meat and a few odds and ends in a pot and in a snap you'll have the tastiest dinner dish a lazy cook could ever hope for. Click for the recipe.

Beef & Sweet Potato in Red Wine & Smoked Oysters

Everyone’s got Mom’s fave beef stew recipe… this isn’t my Mom’s. There’s a few unexpected happenings here, but we all know treading off the beaten path leads to fun. Click for the recipe.

Argentinian Steak w Chimichurri & Sweet Potato 

 OK dammit, I’ll admit it; I’m not huge fan of turkey at Thanks Giving, or any other time. Even the most moist bird isn’t moist enough for me… This is my go to; a juicy steak, crispy disc shaped fries with fresh herbs. This one I’ll give thanks for. Click for recipe.

my Ulti"mate" Burger

No apologies here... This multi-national nap-inducer pulls inspiration from Australia, France and Asia. Around my house it don't get no better. Click for the recipe.

Beef Stew w Cumin & Crispy Onion (vegan) Quinoa

Flesh & flora lovers can finally unite at one dinner table with this hearty fare. Click for the recipe.

Fancy-Pants Bangers & Lentils

A classic dinner reinvented w lighter,  BIGGER flavour & shhhhh, healthier. Click here for recipe.

Double Cheese "Bliss" Burger

This no-apologies mouthwatering monster will both soothe & satiate your palate and soul. Click here for the recipe.

Bun-less Burger w Broccolini

All the flavour of a brilliant gourmet burger without it going to YOUR buns. Click here for recipe.

Beef & Barley “Soupy Stew”

Big hardy chunks of beef with al dente barley makes this dish a complete meal. Toss in a fresh baguette, a lashing of butter and a glass of big bold red and you’ve got all your food groups covered. Click to view recipe.

Sausage & Potato Salad w Cornichin & Walnuts

We all get cold weather cravings for meat and potatoes. But if you’re like me you don’t wanna eat something that'll put you to sleep. This has the big flavour notes but it’s light and fresh. Click for recipe.