You probably don't know who Bob Kramer is... and that's ok. But he's a HUGE deal in the world of knives (the only American to achieve the accreditation of "Master Bladesmith"). To you, this means the 101 layer damascus hand crafted blades are the ultimate jaw dropping gift for the ultimate foodie in your life, or treat for yourself. Cook’s Illustrated wrote: “The Kramer knife outperformed every knife we’ve ever rated.” Saveur noted Bob “The Master of the Blade.” Bob Kramer's knifes are not just pretty heirlooms designed to be admired from a distance. His knives are workhorses, and they do they with perfection. The gold standard in balance, hand-made blade construction and precision cutting. Only until you hold a "Kramer" in your palm do you realize why chefs often wait months to receive they're own handmade Bob Kramer. As with the other high quality brands on my site they're here because I personally use them daily and have for years. I love my Kramers, and I think you'd love them also.