Chicken, Turkey & Duck

Moroccan Lemon, Olive & Smoked Paprika Chicken

What I call the magical trio of spices; smoked paprika, cumin and ground coriander takes chicken to a heavenly place. There’s also a little technique I use in this recipe that guarantees the breasts remain ridiculously moist. Click for recipe.

Thai Style Baked Spring Rolls w Mushrooms & Chicken

Everyone loves spring rolls, but not everyone loves the grease. This baked version is super crispy, but also light and tasty. And best of all they got me voted “The Best Dad Ever” (that lasted 24 hours). Click for recipe.

Sweet Potato & Curried Turkey Chilli “Nachos”

All the heavenly bold flavours you love with nachos without the crappy bloating and self-loathing. I gotcha back… and your taste buds covered. Click for recipe.

Lemon & Ginger Chicken w Beans

I adore dishes that have an identity crisis. Asian meets Italian? … Don’t know, and don’t care. Immensely hearty, but light at the same time. Click for recipe.

Turkey, Bean & Spinach Stew

This cozy, soul warming, 15-minute one pot wonder is a popular mid-week go to at my place. The girls don’t mind the hint of chili but you might wanna tweak it for your gangs taste buds. Click for recipe.

Thai Chicken Salad

All my favourite bold Asian flavours in every mouthful. This recipe also makes a great base to explore with - swap out the chicken for beef, pork even seafood. Click here for the recipe. 

Roast Chicken, Basil Hummus w Tomato & Olives

A massive burst of yummy summer in every mouthful baby. Click here for recipe. 

Baked Salmon w Apple & Pumpkin Seed Pesto

A sophisticated dish that you can make blindfolded. Click for the recipe.

5-Ingredient Juicy Thai Chicken

Growing up in Australia my mother was influenced by Asian flavors. It's amazing how 5 simple ingredients can create huge mouth-watering flavors. You'll never order in again! Click here for the recipe.

Chicken w Cumin, Tahini, Lemon & Burnt Onion

Like a lot of food I make, this Middle Eastern inspired 10 min dish was born from the frustration of “all I have in the fridge is this, that, and some of them”. This is the perfect family night throw together. Click for recipe.

5 Ingredient Chicken, Rice & Thyme Biryani

A playful French-ish twist on the Indian classic. The epitome of food I love to make; fast, bold and easy. Click here for recipe.

Turkey 2.0
(Zesty Turkey Toastie)

I know! You got a nasty turkey hangover but still have a fridge full of delicious bird. This elegant, light, lemony brunch or supper will have you falling back in love with your featherless friend. Click here for the recipe. 

Thai Coconut "Anyone Can Make This" Chicken Soup

Why I love Asian inspired dishes... enormous flavours & simple. Click here for recipe.

Grilled Spanish Chicken Thighs w Ripped Salad

This chin-drippingly moist affair will have you falling in love with thighs all over again. Throw in a 60 sec salad & you’re in business. Click here for the recipe.

Chicken & Shrimp Quinoa Paella

Paella is the perfect keep-them-all happy dish. Something for everyone and it’s also a great one for experimenting with a super wide range of meats, veggies and seafood. Click here for the recipe. 

Roasted Chicken w Olives, Rosemary & Capers

This super rich one pan heart-warming dish is a celebration of some of my fav ingredients. The sauce is so heavenly I use it the next day with pasta. Click here for the recipe. 

Chicken Barley Biryani

Great cooking for me is about trying new ingredients, I created a a similar dish to this recently using rice, But this time I tried it with barley. Holy smokes, what a gorgeous change. Barley has a nuttiness and texture you don't get from rice. Click here for recipe.