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How I Made A Mundane Menu For $190 Per Head

Recently, a client who I shall not name (yes I would have to kill you), approached me asking if I would be interested in creating a menu and hosting a dinner for 50 Toronto well-heeled foodies in an exclusive entertaining space. The event is coming up so I've been asked not to reveal any details. The client offered me carte blanche to create any food narrative and menu my precious heart desired...

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5 Tips So Your Dinner Party Doesn't Suck

Tis' the season for shopping, cleaning, cooking and cleaning again (then repeat). To up your entertainment game over the holidays take a few tips from the pros; restaurants. Sure restaurants do all the cooking and cleaning for you, but there's a few things you can learn that will morph a moderate dinner-do into an elegant evening of entertaining...

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A Bone To Pick With Celebrity Chefs

“To make an amazing dish, you have to start with the best fresh ingredients”. It’s safe to say that, in the struggle to deliver good meals – whether to friends, family or ourselves – none of us need the added stress of a directive to use only the very best ingredients. Yet this mantra has been spouted by almost every celebrity chef of our generation...

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