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Poached Cod w Smoked Paprika & Tomato

This rich, heartwarming one pan dish celebrates everything I love about typical east coast cuisine - unpretentious ingredients used to create food greater than the sum of it’s parts. Click for recipe.


Beef, Blueberries & Burnt Onions

The bright, bold freshness of blueberries dances beautifully with red meat. Toss over crispy charred onions and you got yourself a complete meal in every bite. Click for recipe. 

Mushroom, Nori & Thyme Soup

A good ol’ mushroom soup can be a thing of pure beauty, and in the colder months an almost religious experience. This rich and complex recipe has been a favourite of mine for years. I think it might become one of yours too. Click for recipe. 

Vegetarian Pho

Who says meat eaters have all the fun?! And forget about how nutritious it is, most of all its downright delicious and easy to make. Click for recipe. 


Recent Videos

Chef Mike Ward Reel - 2017

The Big Mike

My best work.. and in my humble opinion a great combo of simple ingredients. And for what it's worth my kids think it tastes like a Big Mac. Yeesh. Click image to view.

The World's Best Mash Potatoes

Three words O. M. G. This is as good as it gets. 2 ingredients and one life changing technique. Click image to view.

The Perfect Roast Chicken

Moist, succulent roast chicken that YOU made. Yep. Trust me, you'll never buy roast chicken again. Click image to view.

Smoked Oysters w Avocado & Radish on Toast

A delightful open sandwich of all my fav things; avocado, smoked oysters, lemon and radish... and as Perfect for brunch,  or a light late night supper. Click image to view.

Prawn and Potato Salad small.JPG

The Perfect Road Trip

I recently spent a weekend away in Prince Edward County in search of great food and awesome wine. And I found it.  Click above to ride along.


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