Ballarini ServInTavola 5.5″ Mini Double Handle Saute Pan (Set of 2)

Ballarini ServInTavola 5.5″ Mini Double Handle Saute Pan (Set of 2)



Mini cookware, the cutest ever! Italian cookware company, Ballarini makes some of most professionally respected cookware on earth. These little cousins to their bigger originals are super cute and guaranteed to bring fun to your next gathering. At the adorable width of 5.5 inches, picture them each containing little fried, baked and fresh morsels of goodness; baked eggs, warmed olives, even mini molten-chocolate cakes. Presentation is key, and these little darlings are designed to impress.

  • Stove and oven-proof (except induction)
  • Brass handles
  • 99% pure aluminum
  • 5 mm thick
  • Brushed aluminum exterior
  • Neutralized washed pickled aluminium interior
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Care & Notes

For use on all cooktops (excluding induction) and oven safe. Fully dishwasher safe.

Lifetime Warranty

Ballarina stands behind their products. For this reason all Ballarina products come with a lifetime no-questions-asked warranty covering manufacturing issues. The item will be sent back to Ballarina direct for a no-cost replacement.


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