Zwilling Pro Series 7" Santuko Knife

Zwilling Pro Series 7" Santuko Knife

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The Zwilling Pro Series is the Mercedes Benz of chefs knives - incredibly capable of the most precision cutting, but will last forever and hold an edge right up there with most expensive pro level knives on the market. Used by many of the world top chefs including Gordon Ramsey in his masterclass series (and mine personal choice of knives since the age of 19) the Zwilling Pro Series is the most user-friendly pro chefs knife there is. But what makes this series truly special is the new (and revolutionary in the knife world) bolster design. A beautiful soft curve where the handle meets the blade creates a knife that has never before felt like a true extension of your hand (you truly have to hold to feel it!). The knife begs to be held; from a practical standpoint that means it's HIGHLY predictable, it does what you want it to without talking back. That means safer, faster, more accurate cutting. Thats why people who cut all day everyday as a profession use this very series. 

The Santuko is the perfect hybrid between a hefty chef's knife and a more nimble utility knife. A Santuko knife holds the magical ability to both slice and chop, plus the hollow-ground blade creates pockets of air that prevent extra-thin or soft slices from sticking to the blade. Whether you're slicing summer veggies for a ratatouille, or chopping through chicken bones, this German made Zwilling Pro Series does all the heavy lifting. 

  • The unique blade shape and ergonomic bolster is the result of 280 years of experience in knife making by the folks at Zwilling.
  • Conceived by master Italian desinger Matteo Thun.
  • Made in Germany of ZWILLING Special Formula, high carbon German NO STAIN steel.
  • Curved bolster guides grip; cut with improved precision, safety and comfort.
  • Full edge utility — the whole length of the blade can be used for cutting and chopping. The edge can be sharpened in full from bolster to tip.
  • Precision honed and laser controlled edge, which is exceptionally sharp.
  • The Friodur ice-hardened blade of Zwilling's Special Formula high carbon stainless steel results in an extraordinarily durable blade that stays sharper longer. 
  • The durable, strong, smooth, and comfortable handle is perfectly balanced and hygienic.
  • Full lifetime warranty. 
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Care & Notes

Zwilling knives are made to withstand virtually anything. They are dishwasher safe but a damp cloth is always preferred. Sharpening can be done via all the usual methods you already use. Although this knife is a masterpiece of craftsmanship is demands no special attention. It might happen to look gorgeous, but it loves to work. 

Lifetime Warranty

Zwilling stands behind their products. For this reason their products come with a lifetime no-questions-asked warranty covering manufacturing issues. The item will be sent back to Zwilling direct for a no-cost replacement.


We take the highest of care with our packaging and shipping, and of course we use only insured and bonded courier services. This means that if any damage occurs to the article while in transit and you are not %100 satisfied with the condition it arrived in, we will pick up the article and immediately ship you a new one at no cost.