"Here's The Beef!"

Prep time around 5 mins.

Don't be scared, this is how red meat should be eaten. The perfect 5 min Steak Tartare.

In a bowl mix:
- dice tenderloin (approx. 6 oz per person - beef or bison)
- diced shallot or onion (1/2 teaspoon per person)
- a few capers (5/6 per person)
- dash of mustard (1/2 teaspoon per person)
- dash of Worcestershire (1/2 teaspoon per person)
- splash of lemon juice to taste
- Tabasco (if you like)
- salt/pepper
- top w fresh egg yolk

The key to mastering this recipe is a sharp knife, you don't want to tear the beef, nice small clean cuts are the trick. 

Perfect 5 Minute Steak Tartare