French Onion & Lentil Soup w Curried Popcorn

Takes 25 mins – Serves 6

What happens when you take a classic French onion soup, add lentils, spices and top with buttered curried popcorn? ... This hearty bowl of culinary confused deliciousness.

- 2 large white onions, thinly chopped
- 1 liter vegetable stock (beef or chicken are fine also)
- 1 Tbsp. curry powder
- 1 Tbsp. cumin powder
- 1 can lentils, rinsed (425g/15oz)
- 2 Tbsps. apple cider vinegar
- 2 cups of popped popcorn (plain preferred)
- 2 Tbsps. butter (unsalted preferred)

Add thinly chopped onions to a heavy base pot with a splash of olive oil and 1 tbsp. of butter on med heat. Add a good pinch of salt. Sweat onions down for 10/15 mins until soft and slightly browning (be careful not to sear them) – stir often.

After onions are sweated down add 1 tbsp. of cumin and 2 tbsp. of curry powder (set aside the remaining 1 tbsp. of curry powder). Sweat off spices with onions for additional 5 mins – stir often. Add a tiny splash of water if required to stop them burning. 

Add stock and lentils and bring to med/high heat and gently simmer for 5 mins with lid on. Turn heat off and add vinegar, check for seasoning. I partially blend this soup in a blender - I like a little texture so I don’t blend to a complete puree.

Curried popcorn
Add a tbsp. of butter to a high heat fry pan with the remaining tbsp. of curry powder, let the butter sear the curry powder for a minute or 2 (be careful not to burn the butter and curry powder). Add popcorn and toss until coated with butter/curry mixture. Set aside.

Serve and garnish with popcorn and a sprig of coriander (to taste).