Quinoa Fried Rice

Takes 15 mins - Serves 4

Tastes EXACTLY like fried rice but guess what? Yep, no rice!

- 3 cups cooked quinoa (al dente). *See below for cooking instructions
- 3 eggs, beaten
- 1/2 large red pepper, finely diced
- 1/2 large onion, finely diced
- 1/4 cup soy sauce
- 2 Tbso. sesame oil
- 1/2 cup peas (frozen is fine - run under hot water to defrost)
- 1/2 cup finely sliced green onion
- 1/3 cup rough chopped cilantro

In a large non-stick fry pan over med/high heat add a splash of any neutral oil. Add beaten eggs. With a wooden spoon push the edges into the middle so the uncooked egg runs to the outer edges. Turn over with a spatula once the omelette has a little colour. Don't worry at all about what it looks like. It can be far from perfect. Once lightly golden remove and slice omelette into 1/2 inch strips and set aside. 

Wipe the pan with a paper towel and add another good splash of a neutral oil and bring to a high heat. Add peppers, onion and sweat off for 1 minute or so. You don't want colour, just soften them up a little. Then add cooked quinoa, soy, sesame oil and peas. With a wooden spoon combine and stir rapidly. Check seasoning. Remove from heat and combine in green onions, cilantro and chopped egg. I add a chopped chilli or two if it's not for my kids.  Better and FASTER than delivery.

Quinoa:  In a pot add equal parts quinoa/water. Add 1 teaspoon of salt for every cup of quinoa. Place lid on, when it gets to a boil, turn down & simmer (with lid still on) for 8 min. Stir once or twice towards the end with a wooden spoon. Set aside, remove lid and let cool. This recipe will require 2 cups of uncooked quinoa however I tend to cook quinoa in batches and store it in the fridge. It lasts up to 4 days and microwaves beautifully. 

Quinoa Fried Rice