Not Yuk Roasted Cauliflower

Takes around 15 mins

Even I can't stand most cauliflower recipes, but this one will have you falling in love with this lowly sad little vegetable. 

Yes, my lovelies, you need fear the "cauli" no more. This roasted cauliflower recipe will have you falling for the flower like you never have, trust me!

On a roasting tray:
- Bust up a cauliflower
- Drizzle w oil (coconut or extra virgin olive oil)
- Sprinkle w Parmesan
- Salt/pepper/chili flakes
- Roast for 15 mins @ 425
- Squeeze over lime or lemon.

You'll be blown away how much of a meat-like texture this roasted cauliflower dish takes on.

Perfect as a rustic side dish, or as a hearty vegetarian main.  For a vegan option, replace Parmesan with fennel. 

Vegetarians and carnivores happy at one table, who'du thunk!

Not Yuck Roasted Cauliflower Recipe