Salmon Ceviche

Takes 10 mins.

Gorgeous salmon ceviche recipe with pickled onion and sweet potato chips. My kids go frickin' NUTS over this crazy easy dish.

- Thin slice red onion, cover slightly w white wine vinegar, teaspoon of sugar, cracked pepper, simmer for 3 mins.
- Thin slice sweet potato (mandolin makes it easy), fry in a good splash of olive oil on med heat in a frypan. Turn them over to evenly fry. Place on paper towel and sprinkle w salt when straight out of pan.
-  Thin slice salmon fillet, drizzle w lemon juice, olive oil, sprinkle w a little salt

That's IT! You just made yourself a $16 appetizer in your pyjama pants. Let the dish sit for 5/10 mins & you'll notice the acidity from the lemon starts to cook the salmon.

Salmon C  eviche Recipe