Baked Salmon w Apple & Pumpkin Seed, Dill Pesto

Takes around 25 mins.

This baked salmon recipe is so sophisticated your friends will think you were just awarded your first Michelin Star, BUT you can make it tipsy (it's THAT easy)!

- Pre-heat your oven to 450.
- Super thinly slice an apple (mandolin makes it easy) and place pieces on top of salmon fillet.
- In a hot pan, a dash of olive oil, add salmon fillet (with apple) with salt/pepper. Let it sear on one side for 60 seconds then slide pan into oven.
- Remove after 8 mins (3 mins more if you don't like a hint of pink in centre).

Meanwhile, while your salmon is busy doing its thing in the oven...

Pumpkin Seed & Dill Pesto
In a food processor add:
- hand full of dill
- half hand full of pumpkin seeds
- Juice of half a lemon
- Dash of Tabasco (if you like)
- Salt/pepper
- Slowly add olive oil and pulse until texture is chunky.

Check seasoning for more lemon juice, salt or pepper.

Let salmon rest for a couple of minutes. Plate baked salmon and spoon pesto on top. Run a radish over your mandolin for an elegant garnish (optional). Your guests will expect a bill when you serve them this one.

Baked Salmon Recipe with Apple and Pumpkin Seed & Dill Pesto