Thai-Style Fish Tacos

Takes 15 mins.

I consciously wrote this recipe in an open format - zero amounts. It's hard to get wrong, but super fun to customize to your own taste. Explore!

Start with any firm flesh fish (around 3 ounces per taco)
- red or white (napa) cabbage
- red onion
- cilantro
- red chili
- Thai sweet chili sauce
- mayonnaise
- limes
- flatbread or tortilla (I used organic kamut flatbread)

Cut fish into small chunks and fry w salt-pepper. Finely chop cabbage & red onion. Finely chop red chili (to taste), green onions and tear up cilantro.

In a bowl add equal portions sweet chili sauce and mayonnaise, stir.

Load em' up, crack a beer, pretend it's summer and you're laughing.

For added flair, quickly grill half a lime (just enough to brown the surface) and serve with the fish tacos as a garnish. 

Thai-Style Fish Tacos Recipe