Poached Cod w Smoked Paprika & Tomato

This rich, heartwarming one pan dish celebrates everything I love about typical east coast cuisine - unpretentious ingredients used to create food greater than the sum of it’s parts. Click for recipe.

Salmon Aguachili

Aguachili is Spanish for "chili water". Hugely popular in Mexico there's millions of versions of this classic - this is mine. It’s basically thinly sliced fresh salmon with a pureed super easy sauce. Click for recipe

Potato & Prawn Salad w Lemon Yoghurt, Capers & Radish

This no-brainer salad is bursting with all the bold summer flavours I love… Bright and light! Takes 20 mins to kick the butt of ol’ man winter. Click here for recipe.

Scallop Crudo w Ginger Burnt Butter, Radish & Crispy Onion

“Crudo” schmudo, it’s just a chefy word for raw. Scallops are tender sweet lovelies that do best under a gentle touch. A kiss of ginger infused in luxurious burnt butter makes for a delicate dish. Click for recipe.

Shrimp w Noodles in Spicy Nori Broth

When it comes to bright, bold flavours Southeast Asia is my go to… and it doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. Click here to view recipe. 

Grilled Mackerel w Tomatoes, Capers, Garlic & Parsley

One of my favourite all time fish dishes. Mackerel is delicious, and when fresh it’s not fishy tasting at all, and because it’s an oily fish it’s forgiving to cook, not easily overcooked. Click here to view recipe.

Smoked Trout, Poached Egg w Arugula, Dijon & Chive Toasted Bagel

The perfect brunch or afternoon snack. We often forget that mustard can bring so many things to a dish; acidity, saltiness, smokiness and heat. There’s not much to this but it's SO much more than the sum of it's parts. Click here for the recipe. 

Shrimp Bok Choy - FAST!

An quick action-packed Asian dish that takes 3 mins. You can swap shrimp out for virtually any meat (meatless is also awesome). Click for the recipe.

Quick Thai-Style Fish Tacos

HUGE flavour in 10 mins and impossible to screw-up. Yeah baby! Need I say more? Click here for recipe. 

Poached Salmon w Ginger & Peanuts

You'll fall in love with poaching fish, a SUPER simple dinner idea, Truly. Click for the recipe.

Surf N Turf Nachos

A flavour packed explosion combining the best of ocean and land. Delicious steak and shrimp nachos. Click for the recipe.

Smoked Salmon & Watercress Salad

Certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the "Easiest Salad on Earth to Make" (that's not true). Click here for recipe.

Shrimp, Wine & Caper “Open-Concept” Lasagna

This eyes-rolling-back-in-your-head luxurious pasta breaks ALL the rules. If you’re after gluten/dairy free, or vegan leave now. Click here for the recipe.

Chicken & Shrimp Quinoa Paella

Paella is the perfect keep-them-all happy dish. Something for everyone and it’s also a great one for experimenting with a super wide range of meats, veggies and seafood. Click here for the recipe. 

Easy Salmon Ceviche

A delish SIMPLE appetizer that looks like you've made a lot more effort that you have.  Click for the recipe.

Arctic Char w White Beans & Thyme

It'll blow you mind at how much delicious flavour you'll get from just FIVE healthy ingredients. Click here for recipe.

Salmon & Quinoa Cakes

Delicious little patties of pleasantness. All the flavour of a fishcake but without the filler breadcrumbs. Yum. Click here for the recipe.

Honey Roasted Salmon w Smashed Wasabi Peas

OK… I even turned myself on with this dish! This is one of the most delicious, easiest salmon dishes I’ve ever made. Zero modesty round here today. Click here for the recipe.

Chili Shrimp W Beans & Edamame

I don’t know if this is Asian or Italian, but it do know it’ll make your mouth dance. Click here for recipe.

Rainbow Trout w Arugula Pesto & Quick Pickle Roots

This dish contains all the flavours of a relaxing running brook. Tastes that will cleanse your soul and take you back to nature. Wow… I sound like I’ve sold the car and moved off the grid! Click here for the recipe. 

Tuscan Tuna, Bean, Basil & Olive Salad

A favourite of mine, fresh, bold and colourful, this salad is a single dish meal that captures the best of the Mediterranean in every bite. Click here for the recipe