Staub Cast Iron Fry Pan with Beechwood Handle

Staub Cast Iron Fry Pan with Beechwood Handle

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A cast iron classic with a stay-cool handle.

It’s your classic cast iron pan with a modern twist—a beechwood handle that stays cool to the touch while you cook! The enameled cast iron interior has tiny bits of quartz for a texture that gets a top notch sear on chicken breasts and beautifully browns potatoes. The hefty and heavy duty pan has exceptional heat distribution and retention so the temperature of the pan won’t drop while you cook. Low, sloped sides make flipping a cinch, not to mention how easily your food will release from this pan the more it's used and loved! Get to frying in an 8”, 10”, or 11” pan.

Works on all stovetops, including induction. Enameled cast iron does not require seasoning.

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