Let me geek on you for a little. Staub is French made and has been around for a few hundred years. Every cast iron pot and pan they make is poured in it's own individual sand mould, baked a 800˚, then destroyed. Their cast iron is triple enamel coated, that means zero of the high maintenance required with your Mom's cast iron cookware - this is "cook and toss in the dishwasher" cookware.... I can go and on about Staub, and I haven't even touched on how it looks! You may have heard of their competitor, Le Crueset? Not bad cookware, but there's a few very specific reasons why many (including myself) prefer Staub...

 Why Staub is the world's BEST (yep, better than Le Crueset)

  • Staub cocotte interiors are black triple coated enamel and never stain, Le Crueset are off-white and stain.
  • The slightly rough interior surface of Staub cocotte's create a far superior searing surface versus the mirror-liked finish of Le Crueset.
  • Staub cocotte's have flat lids with trademarked self-basting spikes. Independent tests have shown this keeps food 9 times more moist than Le Crueset’s domed lids that transfer moisture from the lid to the outside of the food.
  • Staub’s knobs are brass or nickel steel, Le Crueset uses phenolic resin knobs.   

As with the other high quality brands on my site Staub is here because I personally use their cookware and have for years. I love my Staubs, and I think you'd love them also.