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Chef Mike Ward Reel - 2017

The Big Mike

Thai Style Baked Spring Rolls w Mushrooms & Chicken

Sweet Potato & Barley Salad w Feta & Oregano

Sweet Potatoes w Curried beef, Mushrooms & Sour Cream

Sausage & Potato Salad w Cornichon & Walnuts

Chicken Barley Biryani

Chardonnay Inspired Lobster & Corn Tacos

5 Foods That Irritate Me (and WHY!) 

Blue Cheese, Garlic & Thyme Potato Gratin

Smoked Oysters w Avocado & Radish on Toast

The Perfect Roast Chicken

“Not Your Mother’s” Meatloaf - (#PopUpRecipe)

The World's Best Mash Potatoes - #PopUpRecipe

Heirloom Tomatoes w Basil, Cucumber & Parmesan - #PopUpRecipe

Eggplant Salad w Tahini, Feta, Cherries & Pine Nuts - #PopUpRecipe

5 minute Thai style mussels.

My first ever cooking video with my 7 year old Faith. I've created a monster. 

Brussel sprouts with chorizo - #PopUpRecipe

Ride along on my delicious weekend road trip to Ontario's Prince Edward County

How to cook the perfect steak

Avocado, smoked salmon & thai dressing - #PopUpRecipe

How to cut like a chef

A fun exercise in Michelin Star plating

A clean & jam packed tantalizing twist on the classic Fish & Chips

Grilled Fennel & Feta Salad

Seafood Stew w Garlic Bread 

Scallops w Wilted Kale & Peas

Lemon Parmesan Pasta

How to Fillet a Fish

Honey Shrimp & Bok Choy

How to Fillet a Tomato

Frittata done several ways in ONE pan