I bought my first Zwilling when I was 19... and fell in love with it the moment it hit my palm. One of the world’s oldest brands (let alone knife companies), ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS has made gorgeous, high-quality knives since 1731. Yea, they know a thing or two. Many of the world's best chef's use Zwilling, in fact they're the preferred knife of Gordon "yells a lot" Ramsey (he uses them in his online Masterclass series). Zwilling offers a lifetime warranty on their knives, not that you will ever need to utilize that (did I mention they're German made?). For me, and many others, they are the perfect blend of practical design, precision craftsmanship, tremendously high-quality steel and price point. As with the other high quality brands on my site they're here because I personally use them daily and have for years. For me, Zwilling are without a doubt the best, everyday usage, high-quality knives on the market.